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“I want you
for my Valentine.
Give me your heart,
and here is mine.”

Vintage Verse


Cupids & Doves - IE3634

Cupids & Doves - IE364

We are thrilled to introduce a new designer to our worksop. I was introduced to Beth by one of my favorite antique dealers, Lucy. Beth has a wonderful eye for all things vintage. Here are some of her inspiring projects.

Cupids & Doves Valentine Projects

Making a special surprise for your Valentine sweetie is easy with The Vintage Workshop’s Cupids & Doves Image collection.

Calling Card Box
Using decorative edge scissors cut an approx one inch wide strip of decorative paper to wrap around the bottom of a purchased paper mache box. You can age the edges of the
strip using a stamp pad, or highlight the edges using a metallic paint pen. Glue the decorative strip to the box and glue rick rack on top of the decorative paper.

Adhere a heart shaped doily to the top of the box. Glue an image from the Cupids & Doves collection to a piece of card stock or light-weight cardboard and trim with decorative edge scissors. Cut a corner off the edge of the image and glue the image to the top of the box at an angle. Refer to the picture for placement. You may want to use a small L-shaped cardboard piece as an “easel” on the back of the card to make it stand up straight. Glue a ribbon rose to the front of the box.

Valentine Tussy Mussy
Cover a paper mache cone (found in the decoupage section of most craft stores) in paper of your choice. We used vintage wallpaper, but you could use scrapbooking paper, wrapping paper, sheet music or a combination of papers.

Glue a small image from the Cupids & Doves collection to a sturdy back- card stock or a light-weight cardboard leaving about a half inch border. Cut out with decorative edge scissors. Touch up the edges with a metallic paint pen... Attach the image to the tussy mussy cone using 3-d adhesive dots or tape.

Finish your cone by gluing a pompom or tassel to the bottom, adding fringe or trim around the top and a ribbon for a handle.

Valentine VI: Image Emporium IE350 Download Collection

Valentine Collection I: Home Arts HA110 Download Collection

Valentine I: Image Emporium IE106 Download Collection


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