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Children & Toys Vintage Photo Fabric Projects

The sepia tones of an old photo combined with the image of a child and their treasured toys are sure to bring a smile. Capture the joys of childhood with projects that combine The Vintage Workshop's Real Photo image collections and Inkjet Linen Fabric sheets.

Mini Fabric Quilt and Baby Chemise Dress

Both of these projects are a great way to combine a little imagination and some vintage pieces you may already have into a keepsake art piece.

The mini fabric quilt starts with using fabric glue to attach the Doll Faces image (printed on Inkjet Linen Fabric) to a vintage embroidered napkin. Use decorative embroidery stitches to embellish the piece. We used the lazy daisy, feather stitch, cross stitch and French knots. Your stitching doesn't have to be perfect- this is a primitive look, so have fun with it.

To give the quilt some weight, we used fabric glue to attach it to a piece of cotton flannel salvaged from a little girl's vintage dress, and finished the edges with a blanket stitch.

You can further embellish the piece by sewing on buttons, charms, beads and lace. Raid your sewing box for leftover pieces of trim and notions.

The baby chemise dress is made in much the same way as the quilt. Print Baby Dolls on Inkjet Linen Fabric and use fabric glue to attach to a doll or child’s cotton slip. Embellish with lace, buttons & charms and add some embroidery stitches.

We added rows of letters from French Roman Alphabet from The Vintage Workshop's Teacher Collection image collection, and used them to "frame" the child’s picture.

The images seen in these projects are from My Favorite Toys IE200 Download Collection.

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