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This is the time of year families and friend are gathering for formal brunches and dinners. This is your chance to show off your hostess skills by creating a spectacular table setting. Create one of these place cards for each of your guests.

Spool Place card Holders

  1. Print your favorite image on The Vintage Workshop's Matte Paper with Adhesive Backing and cut out with decorative edge scissors. Outline the edges of the image with a metallic paint pen. Peel and stick to card stock in color of your choice. Note that for the Top Hat Chick, we cut right next to the image and for the Musician Bunnies we left a little border of the pink cardstock showing.

  2. Insert a floral leaf or bead pick into a wooden spool and secure with a spot of glue. Cover the top of the spool with shredded paper, netting or Easter grass. Attach card stock image to the leaf or bead pick using double sided tape.

  3. Wrap decorative paper, lace or crepe paper around the spool. Write guests name on paper and cut out using pinking shears. Secure the paper to the spool with a florist or hat pin.

My Favorite Brunch Recipe

Add a special touch to your hostess gift by including the recipe on a Vintage Workshop recipe card.

Recipe card image available in our Easter I HA114 Download Collection.



"B" is for Bunny, "C" is for Chick

This adorable chick and bunny would make a wonderful addition to your Easter basket. Lori Baker designs many of our bear and bunny patterns combining expert instruction with timeless looks to create "friends" that will last a lifetime.

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