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Decoupage 101 for Mother's Day

These boxes were created using a technique called decoupage. Decoupage consists of three parts. First is the item to be covered with the collaged artwork. We used both an unfinished wooden box and two brown paper craft boxes. Both can be purchased for around $1.

The second part is the glue to adhere the images. A simple white glue that dries clear can be used. There are lots of products out there that have different finishes and seals. It all depends on what type of finished look you want. We used a product that dried with a light yellow tint to give a vintage appearance.

The final piece that is needed is the artwork. These three boxes were created using the click-n-cut versions of several of The Vintage Workshop's download collections. A focal image (or several) was chosen that would appear on the top of the box. The remainder of the images on the page were used to fill in the blank space.


1. Print out the click-n-cut versions of the following download collections: Botanicals III - IE400, Mother's & Father's Day Collection I - VV106, Mother's Day & May - VV116, Mother's Love - IE392, and To My Dear - IE378. Cut out all images. Choose your focal image and arrange on the top of your box. Using a pencil, draw an outline around the outer edge of the image or group of images. The remaining space on the box top and sides will be covered with remaining images.

2. Using the remaining cut out images, begin gluing on each image going around the sides of the box bottom being sure to overlap slightly and cover all blank space.

3. Continue around top edge of box lid, using your pencil lines as a guide. Be sure to cover all space that will not be covered by your focal image(s). Do not fold over your image under the box lid as this may make the lid not fit properly.

4. Finally, glue on your focal images layering from bottom to top.

5. Using your glue, be sure to cover the tops of all images to coat and seal.

6. Let boxes dry overnight on a non-stick surface.

Mother's Love: Image Emporium IE392 Download Collection

To My Dear: Image Emporium IE378 Download Collection

Mother's and Father's Day Collection I: VV106 Download Collection




Remembering Grandmother's Cottage - IJ1017

by Sarah Sporrer

A 64 page collection of 23 projects with 8 pages of large full color photos of the projects. Sarah Sporrer continues to inspire us with new designs featuring the latest fabrics. The collection includes full size patterns for quilts, wearables and decorative items.

Click here to see Sarah Sporrer 's,
Remembering Grandmother's Cottage

Click here to see Sarah Sporrer's books and patterns.


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