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Celebrate the tradition of May Day this Spring. Children and adults alike can create this simple May Day Basket to fill with flowers and treats to hang on door knobs for family, friends and neighbors.

Originally, flower-filled baskets for May Day, May 1st, were part of the Celtic festive of Beltane - the day of fire - where people would spread yellow flowers in front of their friends' doors to mark the beginning of the summer growing season and ensure fertility and good luck for the coming year. Gathering flowers and branches was part of the celebration, when peole would go into the woods together they were "bringing in the May". Creating the May Basket to hold the gifts and treats became another part of the celebration over time.


Roll a sheet of cardstock into a cone and secure with double sided tape. Print Pink and Green Retro from Vintage Wallpaper - PP133 Download Collection onto The Vintage Workshop's Matte Paper with Adhesive Backing. Cut out various size circles and attach to the cone. Print Cherry Blossoms from Needle Cases - IE445 Download Collection. Attach to pink cardstock. Leave a small border and cut out with decorative edge scissors. Outline the edge with a gold paint pen. Attach to cone as shown in photo. Attach ruffled crepe paper to the edge of the cone. Print one cherry blossom from the Needle Cases Collection and cut out the individual blossom. Attach to a round paper Mache medallion and outline with the gold paint pen. Attach to the back inside of the cone. Make a pom-pom and attach to the point of the cone. Attach a ribbon to the inside of the cone to fill with goodies!!

Botanicals II - IE210 Download Collection

Botanicals III - IE400 Download Collection

Spring Palette II - PP118 Download Collection


May Flowers - IJS106

by Ginger Sanchez

Create beautiful wool felted penny rugs using
Ginger Sanchez's Pennies from the Past collection.
May Flowers features 19 different May flowers on each circle to create a May Flower Basket that is a unique handmade item.

Click here to see the entire Pennies from the Past collection.


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