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Mothers young and old look forward to receiving something special on Mother's Day. Handmade gifts are always treasured for years to come.


Cover a purchased door knob hanger and cover with vintage wallpaper, scrapbook paper or one of the background papers from The Vintage Workshop’s Printing Press collection.

Print Sleep Baby from Mother & Child - IE394 download collection. Outline with a metallic paint pen and attach to the wall hanger. Attach small millinery flowers to the bottom edge of the door knob opening. Add a small jewelry finding frame to the top of the hanger and attach a rhinestone to the center. Finish by gluing a small ribbon to the bottom of the finding.


Cover a chipboard heart with a text page from a book or dictionary. Print Floral from The Vintage Workshop's
Vintage Wallpaper - PP133. Using decorative edge scissors cut three strips. Edge the strips with a gold paint pen and attach as shown.

Print Mother Mine from
Mother's Love - IE392 download collection. Attach to chipboard or cardstock. Edge with a gold paint pen and use dimensional glue dots to attach to the heart as shown. Attach a crepe paper ruffle to the edge of the heart and finish with a ribbon bow and hanger.

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Childhood Dreams - IJ662

The sun is warm, the air still cool, and you rock quietly on the porch for the first time after a long winter. Cover your lap with the "Porch Throw" as you ponder the fact that "life does indeed look different from the porch". As the days pass, you can truly see what is important from there...the "Robinís Nest" built so close by you can see those perfect blue eggs... The "Hydrangea" exquisite in form and swaying in the breeze..."Potted Flowers" drawing bees to the front step... and the giant "Sunflower in the Blue Vase" you patiently watched grow from a mail-order seed. As the season draws to a close, the "Grasshopper" that comes to sit by you will be a reminder that all of life is better appreciated while "Porch Setting".


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