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Playful Puppies Cut-Outs - IE476 Download Collection

One of our favorite download collections is now being offered in a new way. Playful Puppies Cut-Outs features the cute puppy images featured in Playful Puppies Book Download Collection - IE372 cut out and on a transparent background. These png files are wonderful for creative collage, not to mention simple iron-on applique as shown in these pillows. Look for more of your favorite collections to be offered with the png file as well as the jpg file format in the future.

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Playful Puppies: Image Emporium IE372 Download Collection

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Puppy Love - IJ788

This pattern comes with the instructions and patterns for two adorable puppies - a stuffed pup and a yo-yo pup. The 9" yo-yo pup's body is created with two sizes of yo-yos strung together with thick thread and stuffed yo-yos for the paws and tail. The stuffed puppy is 7 1/2" tall x 7 1/2" long and just as cute. Quick yo-yo maker templates used were Clover's size large (orange 1 3/4") and extra large (yellow - 2 1/4").

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