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Create Some Magic with New Grafix Products

The Vintage Workshop would like to introduce a new inkjet printable product we are offering from Grafix - new Clear Adhesive Backing Transparency film. Combine Vintage Workshop images printed on adhesive transparency sheets with a mirror to get some magical effects.

PROJECT 1 - The Shore
We printed The Shore from The Vintage Workshops Boys and Girls IE410 collection on a Grafix Clear Adhesive Transparency sheet and then attached it to an old mirror. Our mirror was a pocket size mirror from a vintage purse, and shows some wear, but this just adds to the charm of the project.

To avoid the edges of your transparency showing on your project, print the image with enough empty space around the edges that you can wrap the edges of the transparency around the back of your project.

PROJECT 2 - Spring Girl
The simple silhouette image of Spring Girl from Easter III IE126 collection makes it a great centerpiece for a mirror project. Print the image on a Grafix Clear Adhesive Transparency sheet.

To make sure the image is centered on the mirror, place the transparency face down on your workspace. Put the mirror on top of it, and flip both over. When you’ve got the mirror centered, turn the mirror and transparency back over, again with the transparency down, mirror on top, and trace lightly around the mirror.

Cut the image out about 1/2" outside your traced line. Make small cuts in your 1/2" margin that are perpendicular to your traced line. This will make it easier to fold the edges of the transparency under the round edge of the mirror. Peel the backing paper off the transparency and press on your mirror. Fold the edges under the back of the mirror.

Print Letter Page from Ephemera I IE134 collection and cut out with decorative edge scissors. Outline with a black marker. Attach to a piece of black dotted card stock that has been edged with a black marker.

Glue a black ribbon loop to the back of the mirror and attach to the letter/dotted background as shown in the picture.

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