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Introducing another great product from Grafix. Grafix Rub-onz Sheets are used to create your own rub-on transfers. They come in 5 or 10 sheet packs. Grafix Rub-onz are fast and easy and can be used with an inkjet or laser printer.

Engravings Gift Tags

These quick and simple gift tags will enhance any gift.

Step 1: We started by using a pre-made shipping tag, but you can create the tag from scratch by cutting your desired shape from chipboard or cardstock. We covered the tag with a page from an old book. We gave the tag a little aged look by using aging ink around the outside edge.

Step 2: We printed our favorite images from The Vintage Workshop's Floral Engravings - IE146 Download Collection on a Grafix Rub-onz sheet. We cut out each flower image and used the rub-on technique provided in the Rub-onz instructions to transfer each one to each tag.

Step 3: Now it's time to embellish each tag. We added a paper lace border on the top and bottom of each tag. Cut out the hole for each tag and add a vintage ribbon to each to finish the look.

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