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Sometimes simply changed the colors of a digital image makes a world of difference. Most imaging software these days allows you to modify the colors in a digital image with the click of a button. You can make color images black and white or sepia. Sepia tone is similar to black and white, but uses a brownish color palette and resembles a more aged or vintage look as seen in old photographs. The newest version of Microsoft Word even let's you format images you paste into a document into sepia tones.

In the top right images shown here, PP133 - Vintage Wallpaper is used as the background for both the journal and the tag. It is modified using sepia tones instead of the pastel pinks and greens.

The bottom right project features images from IE412 - Millinery II Collection that have been changed from color images to sepia tones. Each tag uses sepia tones for the background and the feature image.

Sepia toned images give any project a softer, more vintage look and feel. Experiment with new tones on your next project using The Vintage Workshop Download Collections.

Click here to view all download collections.

Beautiful Birds: IE402 Download Collection

Botanicals Collection I: IE101 Download Collection

Insects : IE154 Download Collection

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