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Sheet Music - PP136 Download Collection

Sheet Music Frame
At The Vintage Workshop, we often use a bit of sheet music in our collages. Its neutral graphic provides a nice contrast with the main image and adds depth and visual interest.

Now, The Vintage Workshop is letting the sheet music be the star and introducing its own Printing Press collection of Sheet Music.

Covering a frame with sheet music is a quick and easy project. To make our frame, print one of the sheet music selections on matte paper with adhesive backing. We used Music Two. Cut the music to the size of your frame plus inch to turn under on each side. Cut the frame opening with inch extra to turn under on each side, too.

TIP: To make your corners smooth, cut the sheet music at the corners on a diagonal before turning under.

Remove the adhesive back, adhere the music to the frame, being careful to smooth out any wrinkles as you go. Finish your frame by adding a little aging ink from a stamp pad to the edges. Add a piece of lace and a charm to the corner and the word FAMILY under the picture.

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Quilted CD Case - IJK124

Another practical creation from the Kimie's Quilts line, the Quilted CD Case is the perfect place to keep your CD's on the go. With a finished size of 6 1/2 x 6 1/2 inches, this project can be made using a minimal amount of fabric and lots of imagination.

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