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Turn that treasured antique into a home decor work of art using The Vintage Workshop's downloadable imagery.


Create a keepsake pincushion out of an old baby shoe. Create a ball using velvet fabric filled with stuffing to put into the opening of the baby shoe. Be sure to use craft glue so the ball won't come out. Print a vintage photo - we used an image from our My Favorite Toys Download Collection, IE200 - onto inkjet printable Linen Sheets. Cut out the image and glue inside a large shank button. Tie the button onto the front of the shoe using vintage ribbon. Add a few vintage hat pins to the pincushion and you are finished. Quick and easy.


We printed the same image and used it inside of a shadow box we purchased at a discount store. We started by lining the inside of the box with vintage wallpaper. You could also use one of the images from our Vintage Wallpaper - PP133 Download Collection. Next we adhered the baby image. To finish the look, we embellished the box using a silver baby spoon, vintage millinery flowers, buttons and lace for a bottom border. Another quick and easy project.

These types of projects are perfect ways to use vintage imagery to help showcase your vintage antiques or flea market finds.

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My Favorite Toys: IE200 Image Emporium Download Collection

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Favorite Pets: IE112 Image Emporium Download Collection

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