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Halloween is just around the corner. The Vintage Workshop invites you to get inspired by a few of our favorite spooky creations. The projects were created using a variety of Halloween download collections, basic craft supplies, things you can find around the house and a little imagination. Click on the photos to view the image collections featured in the projects.

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Halloween I: IE308 Image Emporium Download Collection

Halloween Bogie: PP134 Printing Press Download Collection

Halloween VI: IE420 Image Emporium Download Collection



Yo-Yo Halloween - IJ811

A stuffed pumpkin with dangling legs and arms made using fabric yo-yos strung together with floss. The body is 6" in height and diameter and constructed with three different contrasting fabrics pieced together. The spider is approximately 12" in diameter and 7" tall with bendable yo-yo legs.The round Clover Quick Yo-Yo Maker templates were used for these projects (Extra Large, Large, Small and Extra Small).

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