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IE 434 New Year's Eve II

Back of the Card

Create an Invitation

Creating invitations to your holiday parties is easy using The Vintage Workshop's downloadable images. Try creating something that is more than a regular invitation - it's also a gift.

This quick and easy New Year's Eve invitation is also a vintage looking ornament. Using chipboard or cardstock as your base, cover it with Especially Pretty from The Vintage Workshop's PP136 Sheet Music Collection. Outline the edge with a metallic paint pen.

Print Angel from The Vintage Workshop's IE 434 New Year's Eve II. Outline with a metallic paint pen and attach to the sheet music. Cut two pieces of ribbon and attach to the image as shown. Cut another piece of ribbon to use as a hanger and glue to the back of the invitation. Cover the back of your invitation with decorative paper or a coordinating paper from The Vintage Workshop's Backgrounds category.

Using a word processing program, print the details of your party, cut out, edge with the paint pen and attach to the back of the invitation or you can write them by hand. Slip the invitation in an envelope - remember you might need extra postage.

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"Here's to the year that has gone
With its share of joy and sadness
And here's to the year to come
May it have a full measure of gladness"

Quote from a postcard in
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Happy New Year II - IE434 Download Collection

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My Christmas Best - IJ1033

This wonderful book features 28 pages of country stars, Santas, angels and other holiday things by Cheri Saffiote-Payne. The collection includes 14 projects with 4 pages of full color photos of the projects. Make quilts, stitcherys, pillows, ornaments and other decorative items.

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