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When you purchase art from the Vintage Workshop on CD-ROM or in download form, you are purchasing images for personal use only. Whenever money is exchanged for an item that is made with a Vintage Workshop image, it is commercial business, not personal. Commercial use includes small business, advertising campaigns, e-newsletter distribution, product or image resale, and production of products. To use our images in these or similar ways requires REGISTRATION, and in some cases, a commercial license (legal contract) for usage and notice to The Vintage Workshop™ for intent of use.

Attention Professional Crafters: Please click here for details of our Professional Crafters Policy.

Small Business/Cottage Industry Licensing

All Vintage Workshop images are scanned at a high resolution, color corrected and altered to make them identifiable as copyrighted artwork. If you intend to use our digitized images in a way other than personal use, or for commercial use, please print and fill out the form below. There is NO CHARGE for images used on fewer than 75 items, however we do ask that you REGISTER with us if you intend to sell any item containing an image from The Vintage Workshop™. Our licensing fee is $25 per image for 76-250 uses. If you would like to license images for this quantity of reproductions, please print, fill out and send the form below with your check for the number of images you are licensing.

Click here to download The Vintage Workshop™ Licensing/Registration Form (PDF requires Adobe Acrobat Reader)

Send the form with payment to:
The Vintage Workshop®, LLC
P.O. Box 30237
Kansas City, MO 64112

We will then send you a license agreement, which allows legal reproduction of the images for commercial use.

High-Volume Licensing

If you would like to reproduce our images at a higher volume OR if you have any questions about whether your intended use requires a commercial license agreement, please email us at or call us at 913-341-5559

To view our terms of use, click here.



Copyright © 2009, The Vintage Workshop®, a division of Indygo Junction, Inc. All rights reserved.

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