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Pillow Making 101

Making a Pillow with Sewn-in Image:

You will need fabric for pillow, inkjet printable fabric sheet, thread to match fabrics, trim for embellishment, and fiberfill.

  1. Print image on the inkjet fabric sheet, following the directions carefully
  2. Cut image from backing, leaving a ¼” border all around.
  3. Press edges of image under ¼”
  4. Cut pillow fabric desired size, remembering to also cut a piece for the back.
  5. Center the image on one piece of fabric and baste or fuse in place. Position trim around the edges of the image and stitch in place.
  6. With right sides together, stitch pillow front to pillow back, using a ¼” seam, leaving an opening for turning. Turn pillow right side out.
  7. Stuff with fiberfill. Slipstitch opening.
  8. Hand or machine stitch outside trim to pillow.



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