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How to Use Click-n-Craft CDs

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Discover the world of computer crafting at your fingertips! Vintage Workshop Click-n-Craft CDs contain dozens of ready-to-use projects and high-resolution vintage art images. Use them with Click-n-Craft projects or your own!

Click-n-Craft is computer crafting in 4 easy steps:

Insert the CD and the program will start on its own.

Choose a project from the project menu.

Click on the Print Image button and print your project image onto an inkjet fabric sheet or paper.

Select an image from the Image Gallery and print it in one of the 3 sizes.

General Click-n-Craft CD Information:


To move through the projects, onscreen instruction or the image gallery, click on the NEXT or BACK button to view the pages


To print a pre-sized image or project instructions, simply click on PRINT IMAGE button or PRINT INSTRUCTIONS button.

From the Adobe Acrobat Reader file menu, choose PRINT or simply click on the printer icon on the tool bar.


Simply click on an IMAGE and choose from one of the here sizes, then click PRINT.


  • Click on MY COMPUTER, then right click on the CD icon and click on EXPLORE.
  • Double click on INDEX IMAGES.
  • Double click on IMAGES FOR EDITING file, from this file you may save a jpg to MY DOCUMENTS.

If you have editing software, launch your editing software and browse the Click-n-Craft CD from within that program.

You may resize any PDF image by using the Graphics/Select Tool from Acrobat Reader.

  • Put the crossbar on the top left corner of the image and click and drag the editing box around the image.
  • Right click and select COPY.
  • Next, minimize your screen and launch your word processing program.
  • In a new document right-click and paste the image into the new file.
  • From there you may click on the image to move or resize the image.

For more technical information, please see our FAQs.



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