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The following are appearances by the Vintage Workshop in various publications and programs.

Lady Holding Flowers and Flowers in Hand Art Quilts featured in article by Rebekah Meier use Vintage Workshop images from IE142 Mother's Day Download Collection.

Scrapbook Décor section on page 24 features blank boxes dressed up with images from IE101 Botanicals I Download Collection and Vintage Workshop inkjet fabric printables.

Stars & Stripes Style section on page 144 features Americana Flowerpots by Mary Ayres made with patriotic images from the Scrapbook Celebrations Holidays Remembered Click-n-Craft CD. Some of these images are also available now as single image downloads.

A cowgirl image from our Western II Download Collection is featured in the September 2007 issue of Country Living.

Click here for details on our feature in Country Living.

Founder of The Vintage Workshop and Indygo Junction, our own Amy Barickman was featured in Country Living Magazine's The Women Entrepreneurs Issue.

Amy was also on hand for Country Living's Second Annual "Women Entrepreneurs 2007 - A Celebration of Creativity" on March 10, 2007.

Click here for more on Amy in Country Living.

"Click, Print & Create" article by Michelle Shefveland features Juice Can Lid Ornaments, Collage Charm Bracelet, and Mother-of-Pearl Necklaces made using Vintage Workshop images.

Chic Bag Featured on The Carol Duvall Show

Amy joined Carol on the set of her HGTV show to demonstrate techniques for creating a Chic Bag! Click here for more information and links to the products featured.

“Think Outside the Picture Frame -
These clever photo-transfer projects will have you seeing your favorite family snapshots in new ways.”

Printer Masking with Double-Sided Adhesive, p.12
Article includes projects featuring images from the Vintage Workshop's Click-n-Craft CD-Rom: Chic Bag Boutique

“Beaded embellishments are all the rage and seem to be everywhere you look… from clothing to scrapbook stickers… Beads are definitely hot.”

“A vintage image of a bathing beauty was printed onto photo paper. The bathing suit and hat shapers were cut from adhesive and embellished with assorted beads for a glittery effect. A more demure look is the paper doll-like bathing suit outfit created from patterned paper over the adhesive.”

Country Living, p. 64

The artwork for the Halloween tags featured in the Idea Notebook section of the October issue of Country Living can be found in our Halloween Collection I downloadable art collection.

Sew What's New, p. 78

Article features The Vintage Workshop's Clothing Collage and Chic Bag Boutique Click-n-Craft CD-ROM.

Vintage Collage Memory Window, p. 80

Article includes Vintage Collage Memory Window project, using Vintage Workshop's Sweet Roses Click-n-Craft CD-ROM.

“Uncover the past through an old window. Capture the appealing, old-world look with decorative papers and vintage accessories”

Welcome Baby, p. 80

Article features the Vintage Workshop's Little Ones Click-n-Craft CD-ROM.

Flower Friends Garden Set, Cover & pg. 84

Article includes projects, featuring images from the Vintage Workshop's Click-n-Craft CD-Rom: Flower Friends

“Wrap yourself in the warmth of spring! Paired with burlap, the deep earthy colors and whimsical vintage images of children at play give this set its unmistakable charm. The Vintage Workshop's Flower Friends Collection will bring back the joy and innocence of your favorite childhood summers.”

Vintage Letter Box, pg.16

Article includes projects featuring images from the Vintage Workshop's Click-n-Craft CD-Rom: Sweet Roses

“Treasured letters, keepsakes, and photos deserve the very best. Create a one-of-a-kind, vintage storage box that's sure to become one of your favorite things!”

“Use computer and CD-Rom to print rose on taupe paper; cut out and decoupage to book cover.”

High-Tech Vintage: Use Your Computer to Create An Olden-Day Look, pg. 18

“Replicating the look of the past is easy with help from modern technology! Slide any CD-ROM from the Vintage Workshop into your computer then point, click, and print images to create authentic-looking vintage crafts.

“With the Vintage Workshop CD-ROMs, there are no lengthy, complicated instructions, confusing menus, or difficult-to-adjust settings. Everything you need to know appears in clearly-marked categories right on-screen. Simply select an image, choose from three available sizes, and print. Once printed, you can cut out the image to make cards, gift tags, scrapbook pages, and more.

Articles feature the Vintage Workshop's Antique Alphabet and Flower Friends Click-n-Craft CD-ROMs.

Software Review, pp. 60 and 64

As with all CDs in The Vintage Workshop Click-n-Craft series, Antique Alphabet is a self-loading CD-Rom so there is no need for installs or downloads. It can be used on both Macs and PCs and features an easy-to-use point-and-click system that includes a handy navigation bar along the bottom of each screen. So Antique Alphabet is easy for beginners and exciting for experts.

Articles feature the Vintage Workshop's Antique Alphabet and Flower Friends Click-n-Craft CD-ROMs.

USA Today, May, 2004
Technology section

"It's just starting to come into its own, the technology side of scrapbooking," says Amy Barickman, president, the Vintage Workshop.

In the past five years, scrapbooking has grown from a $500 million industry to a $2.5 billion business in 2003, said Don Meyer, spokesperson for the Hobby Industry Association (HIA).

Find this scrapbook page project on our Garden Time Click-n-Craft CD-ROM!


“ …cover story features Amy Barickman, who has successfully harnessed the power of computers and inkjet printers to bring to life the charm and inspiration of vintage artwork. Her entrepreneurial spirit first let to the launch of Indygo Junction and 10 years later, The Vintage Workshop, both showcasing the creative talents of some of the best designers in the country. Our cover photo shows Amy surrounded by creative projects and products from her Midwest-based operations. Learn more about how Amy's passion for all things vintage has positioned her as the leader in the computer crafting world.”

Getting Creative with all things Vintage & Technology, pg. 6

“Our Click-n-Craft CDs are tools for the novice as well as the expert, with infinite possibilities regarding the artwork,” said Amy. “Our Inkjet Imprintables go one step further to provide multiple fabric options for the digital art, such as cotton poplin, cotton canvas or iron-on transfers. We're teaching people how to use these materials to make wearable art, quilts and so much more. The Inkjet Imprintables line will continue to expand, giving our customers more and more choices. Our goal is to be a one-stop shop for digital artwork, inkjet materials, ideas and inspiration.”

Cross Country , p. 19

Vintage Workshop's new on-line studio ClubVintage offers clip-art craft packages of six to 12 vintage-style graphics ($7-$12 per pack)-all of which can be downloaded from the Web site, then printed onto paper, labels, or fabric. Easy instructions make these projects a breeze to create.

Ephemera , p. 118

Article features the Vintage Workshop's printable textured paper and Click-n-Craft CD-ROM to make a "Vegetable Guy."

Fabric Printing Challenge , pp. 68-69

Article features many great ideas for using The Vintage Workshop's products.

Vintage Letter Box , p. 16

Article features the Vintage Workshop's Click-n-Craft Sweet Roses CD-ROM to make a vintage letter box.

Pg. 28 Purses A Fashion Trend Gone Wild by Diane Galante

“Capitalizing on the purse craze is simple when you marry creative ideas and ready-made materials with the simplicity of computer technology.”

– Amy Barickman

”By continuing to provide creative patterns and unique ideas for personalization and embellishment, we will see more and more store visits from this fashion-driven consumer group,” said Amy. “A wonderful discovery is taking place as to how easy it is to make great looking purses and express personal style.”

Season of Giving - Vintage Greetings , pp. 38-39

Article features the Vintage Workshop's products used to make vintage greeting cards.

Sew Many Memories, pp. 60-61

Article features the Vintage Workshop's Sew Crafty CD-ROM used to make vintage scrapbook pages.

Shabby Chic Easter Card , p. 28

Article features the Vintage Workshop's Cardmaking CD-ROM used to make vintage Easter card.

Season of Giving, pp. 34-47

Article features the Vintage Workshop's Scrapbook Celebrations I - Holidays Remembered" CD-ROM.

Fabric Printing Challenge , pp. 68-69

Article features the Vintage Workshop's printable canvas used to make a pocket bag.

I printed ten designs using ...canvas from Vintage Workshop, then used each sheet to make a pocket.

Photo Transfer - A Product Comparison, pp. 49-51

Article features an image from a Vintage Workshop CD-ROM, as well as reviews of various image-transfer products.

Printable canvas fabric form the Vintage Workshop are great for projects like bags, pillows, flags or fabric-covered journals. Cotton Canvas has a slight texture and can be washed in clod water. Artist Canvas, available in matte or gloss finish, has a coating on one side so printed projects have the look o painted canvas. Also available in Inkjet Imprintables line are cotton poplin, iron-on transfer sheets and many fine are papers.

On the Market, pp. 8-9

Article features "Vintage Chic" Click-n-Craft® CD-ROM collections.

Christmas Creations , pp. 20-26

Article features 11 projects with instructions!

Meld merry images from Christmas past with the easiest ideas of Christmas future to ensure a memorable Christmas present.

The most treasured Christmas touches are created by hand. But those of us who aren't calligraphers or painters may feel self-conscious trying such artistry.

Instead of creating your own designs, rely on vintage Christmas images. Our projects have been created using the Click-n-Craft CD-ROM that allows you to print images on papers, fabrics, vellum, adhesive-back labels, and iron-on transfers, using a color inkjet printer.

Thanksgiving Collection, pg. 71

Article includes projects, featuring images from the Vintage Workshop's Click-n-Craft CD-Rom: Creative Cardmaking and Cotton Poplin Fabric Sheets.

“Better than a trip to the weekend flea market, The Vintage Workshop's “Little Ones” CD-RON is packed with nostalgic images, pre-sized and ready-to-print on your color printer… you can get creative and choose from any of the 68 images that celebrate all things baby. Use the disc later to create one of the 25 additional projects, such as a baby book, stationery, and other keepsakes.”

Hi-Tech Design In No Time, p. 25

The Vintage Workshop offers CD-ROMs for both Windows and Macintosh platforms that contain artwork from postcards, books and advertisements from the late 19th and early 20th centuries. With the use of your inkjet printer you can bring these illustrations to life quickly and easily for a fast card. No coloring or fancy stamps needed! An eyelet, bow, background panel or quick sentiment finishes them off nicely. Look for the CD-ROMs online at You'll find them in The Shoppe at Somerset.

Special Delivery
Computer-generate artwork onto a beige flecked panel. Trim and layer to a green panel trimmed with decorative scissors. Attach to a folded cream card with a yellow eyelet and a silk ribbon. Stamp salutation (source not given) with green ink at bottom of card.

Snowy Holiday
Computer-generate artwork onto white card stock. Stamp snowflakes and stars (source not given) with white ink on a green panel. Punch a hole through both panels and attach with a sheer ribbon to a cream folded card.

Heritage Scrapbook Ideas September, 2003 features projects from the vintage workshop's Click-n-Craft® CD-ROM Storybook Collection I.

Pages 94 and 95 contained an article titled "Everything new is old again" and had information on 7 simple techniques to add an aged look to your modern page embellishments.

Nostalgic prints of roses, old seed packets, greeting cards and other vintage artwork can add whimsy to your family history art, and in this computer age such images can be had with a click of your mouse.

The vintage workshop from the Click-n-Craft CD-ROM collection allows you to download all kinds of old-fashioned images, such as baskets of roses or Victorian tots clutching bouquets of flowers. Each CD includes more than 15 projects with step-by-step instructions and pre-sized images ready to print. You can create a rose-printed memory box or a Valentine's pillow, or size the high-resolution (300 DPI) jpegs as you like and use them for scrapbooks, journals, quilts and other crafts.

There are seven collections of images (Sweet Roses, Holiday Collection, Seeds to Sow, Storybook Collection, Garden Time, Celebrate America, and Roosters, Hens & Chickens) and the disks retail for $19.99 to $24.99 each.

Country Living April 2003 features projects from the vintage workshop's Click-n-Craft® CD-ROM Roosters, Hens ,and Chicks and Holiday Collection I. The fabric block was created by inkjet printing a chick image from our CD-ROM direct to our inkjet imprintable cotton poplin fabric. Yes, we actually ran fabric through an ordinary inkjet printer. Our fabric is treated for water resistance and paper backed to run through HP,Epson, Canon and most inkjet printers. Our images print beautifully to papers, fabrics, vellums, and artist canvas.

The cupcake decorated with the bunny toothpick is a project featured on our Click-n-Craft® Holiday I CD-ROM. All CDs offer images presized for our projects as well as an image gallery offering 3 additional sizes for each image. Even the novice computer crafter will find our CD's point and click navigation a "no brainer".

For the computer-savvy scrapbooker, the Click-n-Craft CD-ROM collection by Indygo Junction offers a selection of beautifully illustrated vintage images to ornament your layouts. Each CD features 17 images and 20 project ideas.
Page 24-26 had a series of projects using vintage artwork from the Click-n-Craft® CD-ROM series.
Jet Set
Here's a nifty, no-fuss way to produce old-fashioned details with 21st-century ease. Click and Craft® CD-ROMs from the Vintage Workshop contain upward of twenty old-style designs (seed packets, children's book illustrations, floral still lifes, etc.), plus instructions for incorporating them into everything from garments and accessories to paper crafts, journals and calendars. Getting the goods couldn't be easier. Just click on your chosen image, print it on transfer or fabric sheets or vellum, and apply to your project. "Sweet Roses" and "Seeds to Sow" are shown here. For the complete line, visit

For mixed-media stampers who own computers, the Click-n-Craft® CD-ROM series of images and accompanying projects is a perfect fit. Each of the seven collections is $19.99 and keys on old-time Americana, as with gorgeous roses, gardens, holidays and patriotic celebrations. Just pop the CD into your Mac or PC and follow instructions to print reproductions of vintage images and 20 detailed projects suitable for stamped enhancement.
Media Attention

"(The Vintage Workshop) is a combination of vintage charm with modern technology. . . . Technology has really opened up a whole new world of crafting. . . . These projects look so great. I love them. Using technology in new and different ways is so easy now!"
-Martha Stewart Living Television, April 30, 2002

"Nostalgic prints of roses, old seed packets, greeting cards and other vintage artwork can add whimsy to your family history art, and in this computer age such images can be had with the click of your mouse. The Vintage Workshop collection allows you to download all kinds of old-fashioned images."
-Legacy, Winter 2003

"Computer lovers, this product is for you! These exciting and user-friendly CD-Roms contain beautifully colored vintage images and step-by-step instructions for creating featured projects . . . and from the comfort of your home!"
-Somerset Studios, Jan/Feb. 2003

"In an interesting combination of old meets new, Indygo Junction has introduced The Vintage Workshop, a series of CDs featuring imagery from the past for crafting projects on computers. . . .The beauty of so many of these projects is that they incorporate much of what quilt and craft stores already merchandise- fabrics, trims, papers, and ribbons. Giving customers new ideas for using these items inspires them to buy more product.
-Craftrends, May 2002

"If you love the artwork featured on postcards, books and advertisements from the late 19th and early 20th centuries, then you will go gaga over The Vintage Workshop's brand new Click-n-Craft CD-Rom artwork . . . the projects are oh-so-cool!"
-Country Marketplace, May/June 2002

"Indygo Junction has made it so easy to make neat craft projects using your computer printer that even a craft klutz can succeed."
-Kansas City Star, Summer 2002

"A wave of nostalgia has recently crashed over the American buying public. This phenomenon is more than yearning for happier times; it's about making a connection with what, and who, came before us. The craft industry has responded with an array of products and activities that speak to the nostalgic sentiment. "
-Craft & Needlework Age, July 2002



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