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Professional Crafters Policy

The following Professional Crafters Policy allows professional crafters to use The Vintage Workshop™ images on hand-finished products, sold directly to the consumer under the following terms. The intent is for the professional crafter to be able to use these designs to make a limited number of hand-finished products for resale. The limited reproductions of these images for non-profit, non-commercial use is also allowed (church functions, school fundraising, etc.)

This policy allows you to sell only what you alone can make. Any individual may sell up to 75 hand-finished items per image, royalty-free. Beyond 75 items, you are considered a distributing merchant and are required to open a licensing account. To put it simply, if you personally create or handcraft a product using The Vintage Workshop™ CD-ROMs or Download Collections (including free images) and sell it directly to the consumer you are not violating the copyright, provided that the phrase, “Created with imagery from The Vintage Workshop™ Copyright 2007” appears on each piece, printed on a permanent label. Removable labels or hangtags are NOT permitted as an exclusive means to provide this information. Further information about labeling, including printable labels for you to download, is provided at the bottom of this page.

This agreement does NOT allow for digitized reproduction of The Vintage Workshop images or designs. Anytime artwork is altered so that other people can create with it, please contact us at for a licensing agreement BEFORE using, distributing or selling the designs.

You may NOT:

  • Digitize The Vintage Workshop™ images for distribution as embroidery patterns, a sticker line, rubber stamp line, or clip-art/digital format.
  • Use The Vintage Workshop images on templates and offer them to people on your website for download.
  • Use images from The Vintage Workshop on any web page, newsgroup, forum, e-mail or any other electronically-distributed format.
  • Include The Vintage Workshop images in any CD collection or claim them as your own in any way.
  • Share your files, sell the files, give the files as a gift, or give them away (in any form) to anyone.

If you are a business, designer, crafty entrepreneur or web merchant interested in using The Vintage Workshop™ images on your products, PLEASE ALSO READ OUR COPYRIGHT POLICY.

Please make sure a tag is permanently attached to each handmade item. Any product featuring The Vintage Workshop® images or designs, in whole or in part, must be clearly labeled, “Created with imagery from The Vintage Workshop® copyright 2007”. We have provided printable labels below for your convenience. You may print directly on the item or on a tag that is sewn on the item. Removable labels or hangtags are not permitted as an exclusive means to provide this information. We appreciate your understanding in this matter.

Click here for Printable Labels (requires Adobe Reader 7.0 or higher.)



Copyright © 2009, The Vintage Workshop®, a division of Indygo Junction, Inc. All rights reserved.

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