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For MAC Users: How to Use Click-n-Craft CDs

Click-n-Craft is computer crafting in 4 easy steps:

Double-click the CD icon on your desktop to view the contents. The "Start" and "AcrobatReader4.0" icons are disabled because they are not designed to work with any version Mac OSX. However, you can still access all the images and projects on the CD. (Please also ignore the folder titled "Xtras" as it contains program files for use on Windows PCs only.)

Double-click the "PDFs" folder to view a list of the projects contained on the CD. The individual PDFs will open in Apple Preview. If you prefer, you may also open then with Acrobat Reader.

While viewing the Project PDF, you can print the instructions by selecting "Print" from the "File" menu at the top of your screen.

You can also select individual images to print from within the "IndexImages" folder. Each of these images is saved as a PDF in 3 different sizes.


If you have editing software such as Adobe Photoshop®, launch your editing software and browse the Click-n-Craft CD from within that program.
Apple's Preview application will also allow you to crop and resize images.

You may resize any PDF image by using the Graphics/Select Tool from Acrobat Reader.

  • Put the crossbar on the top left corner of the image and click and drag the editing box around the image.
  • Right click and select COPY.
  • Next, minimize your screen and launch your word processing program.
  • In a new document right-click and paste the image into the new file.
  • From there you may click on the image to move or resize the image.



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