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Gift Bags & Tags

Your local card shop may carry their share of interesting - and even
embellished - gift bags, but you may find that the price of the bag is
comparable to the price you paid for the gift you want to put in it.
Create your own custom gift bag and avoid the high price of store-
bought bags and the hassle of wrapping. Especially when delivering
a hostess gift or a quick thank-you, you want to make sure the gift is
easy to open.

You can purchase a variety of plain bags with handles and have
them at the ready. Bags come in many different shapes, colors, and
sizes, so keep an assortment around for special occasions! You can
also recycle small handled bags you acquire while shopping. Design
your bag to cover the store's name or logo and you've found a
beautiful way to recycle.

The Vintage Workshop's Single Image Downloads and
Download Collections feature images for a wide
range of holidays, seasons, and themes, perfect for
adorning your gift bag.

Measure your bag and then size your image to be at
least one inch smaller than the bag on each side. This
will create an instant frame for your image and allow
you plenty of room to work and even add
embellishments. Print the image onto a piece of paper,
or choose an adhesive paper for easy application.

Trim your printed image out and center it on the bag carefully before affixing it. If you aren't using an adhesive backed paper,
use paper craft glue for best results. These glues are
designed to eliminate wrinkles from moisture that can
occur when using regular school glue.

You may choose to add embellishments such as
buttons or ribbon by affixing them with craft glue or hot

To create this unique "stained glass" style gift tag, print a vintage
image onto a piece of inkjet vellum. Cut a "window" into two pieces
of heavy crafting paper and then sandwich the vellum in between,
holding it all together with paper or craft glue. This simple technique
can used to create tags or cards of any size, and from many
different paper choices.

Trim to the desired shape and embellish as you wish. The card at
right features tiny buttons in place of holly berries. You may
choose to add beads, glitter, or embossing powder. Don't
forget a pretty piece of ribbon for the perfect finishing touch!

The image for this tag is available in Christmas Collection III.



Images from Valentine III
IE108 Download Collection

Tags use Larkspur Seeds-SI0020 and Phlox Seeds-
Single Image

Image from Christmas Collection V
IE168 Download Collection

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